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Mernda Village Community Activity Centre, Mernda VIC, Australia, Grace Park Community Hall, Greensborough VIC, Australia, Victoria, Australia


Meet Anita Guerra - Mum of 2, Midwife, PT and Founder of FIt For 2 (face to face) and Fit For 2 PRO (online)

Anita can help you through all aspects of your training - from pregnancy to post natal.

"FIt For 2 is passionate about educating and empowering pregnant and post birth women.

This is all about you, and being your best, helping you feel beautiful and confident during your journey."

I help conceiving, pregnant and postnatal women, whom struggle with preparation and exercise in their pregnancy and into motherhood to achieve empowerment and be fearless by guiding them through a safe exercise program which also includes preparing their mindset and body ready for labour and birth and an enhanced recovery period with a team of experts I trust.

I believe that all women can empower themselves for pregnancy and motherhood with the correct guidance to reduce fear and anxiety so they can enjoy their pregnancy and transition well into motherhood. Becoming pregnant and being pregnant for 9 months is a special time. All women deserve to be educated and informed on choices and the importance of the correct prenatal and postnatal care guidelines with exercise while protecting your pelvic floor!

My goals are to ensure that every women whom is pregnant is going to protect themselves while exercising to minimize any chances of complications during their pregnancy and postnatal period. This very much involves protecting your pelvic floor!

After years of working with pregnant and post birth women, I have found the answers. I realized most programs only address one or two areas. My programs Fit For 2 (face to face) and Fit For 2 PRO (online), provides all the exercises, education and support which women are craving for. To date, my program has helped so many women stick to their fitness routine and create positive habits and become educated and empowered for their special journey!

Fit For 2 runs their face to face classes in Mernda and Greensborough in Victoria and has recently launched an online program called Fit For 2 PRO packed full of safe education and fitness

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*Fit For 2 is also a stockist of the SRC garments, contact me to measure and order for you.

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Phone: 0408 393 368

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