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Brooke Maree
Gibbs Street, North Lakes, QLD, 4509, Australia, Queensland, Australia

Brooke is a one-of-a-kind, everyday mama who oozes positivity and inspiration with her infectious passion for enstilling confidence and ease into other mothers.  She enjoys endless oxytocin-filled cuddles with her baby Axel and toddler Elanor, drinking green smoothies and bingeing on dark chocolate, and can never get enough of enjoying the simple things in life with her family. She lives for beaming smiles on women's faces, and is committed to making the act of carrying a child fun, simple, and bliss. You can find her at home, her favourite place, playing with her daughter, cooking giant bowls of pasta in the kitchen, or just simply immersing herself in her heart-centred business, Brooke Maree.

Brooke Maree came to life after Brooke saw how overwhelming the babywearing world can be for those who first dip their toes in. Knowing how vital and practical a tool it was on her own journey as a new mum, she was adamant that all mothers have a chance at understanding some simple techniques on how to carry comfortably and happily. Babywearing offers phenomenal benefits to the wearer, as well as the child, and is an effortless way to meet the many essential needs of a newborn child.

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