5 Easy Health & Wellness Goals You Should Set NOW!

Easy health & wellness goals

Don’t have a goal right now? Unsure where to start? Try these five easy health & wellness goals. They are super easy and won’t overwhelm your schedule. Set a date for one month from now and in 30 days you will have five new healthy habits!


1. Drink more water.

The majority of people aren’t getting enough. Especially in the winter months where cold water isn’t the most appealing. If plain water bores you, put cucumber or lemon in it (see our previous post on our Facebook page for inspiration!). If you would like something hot, herbal tea will still hydrate you.

Around 50-80% of our body weight is water. The higher our lean mass, the higher the water content. We need water for most of our body processes including digestion, absorbing and transporting nutrients, disposing of waste products and keeping our body temperature stable.If we don’t drink enough fluids to replace the approximate 2,000-3,000 mL of water we lose each day, we can become dehydrated, and even as little as 2% dehydration reduces our physical and mental performance.

We lose even more fluids when we exercise (the amount being a little more than the body weight lost in the period of exercise) and we also need to top up our fluids to remain hydrated in a hot climate. Women who are pregnant need to drink around 10% more, and women who are breastfeeding also need to top up throughout the day.

An easy way to start is by using a 1L bottle, and mark off on the fridge every time you refill it. Aim for 2-3 L per day.

2. Add 120 mins of exercise/week.

That may sound like a lot, but in reality, its just over 15min per day. Choose one thing that works well for your schedule and put it in! Start small with 1 gym session per week or walking/running for a certain time and then once that is part of your routine, start doing it 2x/week. Make it easier by roping in a friend to join you. Time flies when you’re chatting away, and you’re less likely to cancel if you know someone is waiting for you.

3. Incorporate as much ‘incidental’ exercise as possible.

Things such as parking a bit further away from the supermarket so you have to walk a few extra minutes, taking the stairs instead of the lift (providing you don’t have a pram with you!) and walking to a cafe a couple of extra blocks away can really add up and help you get to your daily movement goal.

4. Pre-plan 2 meals a week.

Start small and try meal planning/prepping for two days. For example: on Sunday, make your meals for Monday and Tuesday. Once you get the hang of that, try three days. And then a full week. Although it seems like a lot to do at once, the amount of time and money it saves you during the week adds up. And because your food is all there ready to go, you eliminate the need to make any decisions about what you’ll eat – making it easier to stick to your goals. BOOM.

5. Practice optimism & gratitude.

Practicing optimism and changing your outlook can help combat stress, and increase your emotional well-being. An easy way to start is by thinking of 3 things you are grateful for before going to bed each night. It can be things like enough food in your fridge, a healthy family & roof over your head. As the days progress, try to narrow down your thoughts to more specific things such as something great that happened to you that day, or your child reaching a particular milestone.



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