11 Chocolate Free Easter Hunt Ideas for Kids.

Chocolate Free Easter Hunt Ideas for Kids

I don’t know about your house but my kids get WAY too much chocolate at Easter. Here are 11 great ideas to have a chocolate free (or at least reduced) Easter hunt.


  • DIY Kinder surprises: Buy plastic eggs and fill them with  chalk, mini puzzles, tattoos or similar.

  • Bubbles: Add little bottles of bubbles to your Easter hunt.
  • Cars: Small matchbox cars are a good size for hiding
  • Stickers: We go through so many at our house, the kids love them.
  • Hair: Special hair ties or clips make great hunt pieces.
  • Plastic animals: Cheap, fun and easy to hide.
  • Lego: Buy a small Lego set and hide the pieces around the house and then they get to make it.
  • Stationary: Kids can never have too many erasers, pens, pencils right!?
  • Jewellery: Add some plastic jewels to make it a treasure hunt.
  • Food: You could also do the hunt with food other than chocolate, pick something else the kids love.
  • PJs: My kids always get a new set of winter pjs at Easter. Wrap them and hide them!

Do a combination of some of these and a bit of chocolate and I’m sure the kids will be pretty happy!


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