7 Facts About Your Morning Coffee

Coffee: Those little beans of energy just about every person loves to consume. Whether it be black, with milk or cream and sugar, frappuccino, macchiato, iced, or even straight up espresso, it gives us life. But have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, coffee is actually good for you? Here’s a secret: It is. Here are 7 facts about your morning coffee.

1. Coffee can improve energy levels and make you smarter.

So smartness and energy? I’ll take it. Caffeine in coffee absorbs itself into the bloodstream where it travels to the brain. Once it’s in your brain it stimulates neurotransmitters which enhances the brain’s ability to function. Coffee actually improves memory, mood, energy levels, reaction times, and cognitive function in the brain.

2. Coffee can help you burn fat and improve physical performance.

The caffeine in coffee is a proven natural substance that burns fat. Studies have shown that caffeine increases metabolism anywhere from three to 11 percent. Caffeine can also increase fat burning by 10 percent in obese individuals and 29 percent in lean people. Too bad these effects can wear off in long-term drinking.

So how exactly does caffeine increase burning off those few extra pounds? Caffeine improves adrenaline levels in the body causing fat cells to break down body fat. Physical performance is improved by 11–12 percent. It’s the natural “fight or flight” structure in our brains being turned on. Who doesn’t need that help in order to get motivated for their daily workout routine?

3. There are essential nutrients in coffee.

A single cup of coffee contains:

Vitamin B2: 11 percent

Vitamin B5: 6 percent

Manganese and Potassium: 3 percent

Magnesium and Niacin (B3): 2 percent

So by drinking a few cups a day, those amounts really add up in the daily dose that you need.

4. Coffee may lower your risk of different diseases.

Type II Diabetes is a well known disease. It’s known that coffee reduces the risk by 23–50 percent, even as high as 67 percent in some cases. Each cup is actually a seven percent reduced risk of developing Type II. It’s actually unknown why coffee reduces the risk, but who’s complaining?

Two types of cancer are also affected by coffee. A person’s risk of getting liver or colorectal cancer are decreased by 40 percent in liver cancer and 15 percent in colorectal cancer.

Not only is cancer decreased, but so is heart disease in women. Some studies also show a 20 percent lower risk of a stroke in coffee drinkers.

5. Coffee appears to have protective effects on the liver.

So we all need our liver in order to protect our bodies. Well coffee helps that, too. Coffee actually protects the liver against cirrhosis. On average, a study shows that people who drink four or more cups a day can have an 80 percent lower risk of getting any type of liver disease.

6. Coffee can fight depression and make you happier.

Coffee alters the mood and provides a calming sense for many people. I actually know this as a personal experience. There’s nothing like walking into a coffee shop and taking in the aromas. It’s soothing, isn’t it? Well, studies have shown that by drinking four or more cups a day, there’s a 53 percent chance of less common suicidal feelings. There’s also a 20 percent chance of lowering depression in women. Sounds like the world needs more coffee in their lives.

7. Coffee may help you live longer.

Yes, you read that right. Coffee helps you live longer. Studies show that men have a 20 percent lower risk and women have a 26 percent lower risk of death. So, uh, coffee? I’ll take two right now!


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