7 Facts About Your Morning Coffee

As a coffee lover, you already know how satisfying that very first sip of your morning coffee tastes. Whether it’s a cappuccino, latte, espresso or just a regular cup of “instant” you know how great it smells and tastes. I probably could go on and on about how great coffee tastes, but I guess you know that already! However, here are a few fun facts that you might not know about your morning cup of “joe”.

#1. 500+ Billion Coffee Cups Sold Yearly.

Over 500 billion cups of brown liquid gold is served up every single year all over the planet. People realllllly love their coffee! By the way 14 billion cups of that 500 billion turns out to be Italian espresso coffee, to be precise.

#2: Female Coffee Drinkers Have A Lower Chance Of Suffering From Depression.

If you so happen to be a woman who loves her coffee then you are at a much lower risk of suffering from bouts of depression. Researchers have discovered that the risk of becoming depressed is about 20% less in women who drink coffee than those who don’t.


#3: “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!”

We’ve all heard the expression “Wake up and smell the coffee.” Well, guess what? That’s true. According to a recent study, it’s been discovered that by just smelling freshly brewed coffee can be enough to start waking you up. For some reason that wonderful aroma is something that actually helps some people get out of bed quicker. So, if you have a coffee maker that can be programmed to brew your coffee before you get up in the morning, take advantage of it!

#4: Dark Roast Has Less Caffeine.

Believe it or not, coffee that is dark roasted actually has less caffeine than those lighter roasts. Even though the darker roasts tend to have much bolder tastes and colours it tends to have less caffeine than other roasts of coffee. This is because some of the caffeine in dark roast coffee is burned off when they roast the coffee.

#5: Iced/Cold Brew Coffee Has Less Caffeine Compared To Hot Coffee.

Love iced coffee? Especially the cold brewed version and not the hot coffee poured over some ice, you might be disappointed to find out that you are not going to get as much of an afternoon energy jolt as you might think. In fact, you get a lot less caffeine from your iced coffee than you will from your normal cup of coffee. Your average sized cold brew iced coffee only has 165 mg of caffeine as compared to the same size of your dark roast which has 330 mg of caffeine. So, if you’re wanting a big afternoon jolt of caffeine your best bet is the hot stuff.

#6: To Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee, Drink It After An Hour Of Waking Up.

You will get the most benefits from the caffeine in your coffee an hour after waking. If you are relying on that java to give you a boost first thing in the morning, well, it might not work. This is because the hormone cortisol that is associated with stress and waking your body up doesn’t peak until shortly after you are awake. Because of this, researchers suggest that waiting about an hour after waking up will give you the maximum benefit of the caffeine.

#7: Coffee Shop/Cafe Business Is The Fastest Growing Niche For Small Business

Everywhere you go you see a coffee shop. They are anywhere and everywhere and there are tons more on their way. Did you know that this is the fastest growing restaurant niche in the world right now? It actually has been experiencing a constant 7% annual growth rate that makes this kind of business one might have pretty good luck at.

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