The Best Workout Ideas for Mums

workout ideas for mums

The journey into motherhood requires adjustments on many levels. One of those is likely to be in relation to your workout regime. You may not have the time or flexibility that you used to have in your schedule. However, there are still plenty of options to consider for your fitness regime as a mum. Here we explore the best workout ideas for mums. 

First of all, make sure that your lead maternity carer has cleared you to start exercise again. Remember that everybody has different pregnancy and birth experiences so it is important to gradually add physical activity back in that is appropriate for you. Please take advice from a fitness trainer who is qualified in post-natal exercise if you are unsure about what is right for you.

Mums and bubs fitness classes

Most cities and towns will offer something in the way of mums and bubs fitness classes. These can be a great opportunity to meet like-minded mums, connect with your baby, and work on your fitness at the same time!

With companies such as Kanga training, you can choose from a wide variety of mums and bubs fitness classes ranging from stroller based classes, to hiking sessions and indoor fitness classes. They’ve even got classes for dads and bubs!

Home workouts

We’ve got a whole article dedicated to home workouts for mums, so make sure you check it out. There are also really great sites such as ‘the busy fit mum’, which provide a whole host of health and fitness resources for mums, including home workout ideas.

Walk, walk and walk some more!

Walking can be hugely beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing. You can choose to take your baby out in a stroller or wear your baby in a front or back pack. Wearing your baby will prove to be quite a good workout as he or she grows bigger! Both baby wearing and stroller options can be great for getting some babies to go to sleep, and you’re working on your fitness in the meantime. You can also purchase sun and rain covers as needed, so you can head out well prepared.

Some strollers can go off road, or if you’re wearing your baby you should be able to try out a wide variety of trails. As your fitness progresses and your baby gets older you might want to progress towards jogging with the stroller or going on hill walks while you’re wearing your baby. Remember to check with a post-natal exercise professional if you’re not sure about what is suitable for you.

You don’t have to give up biking

While your baby is young you might not be able to go biking unless you’ve got some time to yourself. However, as your baby gets older and is strong enough to sit up properly you might consider getting back into it. There are different options for cycling with your baby, including a seat in front of yours, or a seat at the back of your bike. You can also try a chariot, which gets towed behind the back of your bike.

Don’t forget the playground!

If you’ve got a toddler, pre-schooler, or even if your kids are older, you may find yourself spending a large portion of your life at the playground. Playgrounds are a great place to get in a workout and your kids will probably get very excited about you joining in with them. Understand that play itself can be a fantastic workout, or you could try these simple exercises next time you’re there.

Get together with like-minded friends

Surround yourself with other mums who share your values of health and fitness. Arrange to meet them for a walk or yoga session instead of a coffee…or perhaps go for the coffee afterwards! Maybe you even want to organise a weekly walking group? You could also arrange to meet each other at the local outdoor pool, or the beach. While one mum swims a few laps, the other one can mind the babies. Even just ten minutes can help you to feel refreshed and energised and will provide a boost for your fitness.

Hit the gym

If you’re able to get the time to hit the gym, then go for it! Take any opportunity you can get for a bit of time to yourself! If this isn’t possible but you’re still really intent on using the gym, search for one that has child care facilities. Many fitness clubs have a crèche where they will look after your little one while you’re at an exercise class or are using the gym. You’ll be very close by in case they need you, and you’ll eliminate driving time because you won’t need to drop them off anywhere.

What are you doing for your workouts as a mum? Do you have other best workout ideas for mums? Drop a comment in the box below – other mums would love to hear your ideas!

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