How to boost your fitness as a new mum without going to the gym


Before kids we were carefree, travelling solo and life was great & relatively easy. We had time for coffee with friends, dinner dates with our partners and even a gym routine. We think this will continue once we have kids because they’ll just fit in around us right? Or at least, that’s how the saying goes anyway.

Even the most organised of mums find it hard to get to the gym at some point. It is something that has to be planned, but you can’t really plan it because, well, kids.  You have to be super dedicated to getting there frequently.  If you don’t enjoy the hustle of just getting yourself to the gym, you can really struggle, thus potentially putting a dampener on your mood.  

But it isn’t the be all and end all. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home with the kids in tow that are super easy and enjoyable. 

See below for some quick ideas:

  1. Walking – This has to be the easiest and best way to keep up your fitness and it can even help with the weight control. You don’t need any equipment to go for a walk. Simply bundle your baby in the pram and off you go up the street, to the park or wherever your legs take you. Walking is great for cardiovascular health as well, and you can walk fast paced to burn those extra calories. It also does wonders for your mental health! 
  2. Running – If running is your thing then you can continue this long after you’ve had your baby. Again, all you need is a path and you’re all set. If you are pregnant and running is something you are planning to do once you have your baby, consider buying a jogging pram. They tend to have better suspension and better/bigger wheels, making a smooth ride for bub. 
  3. Yoga – Mums love yoga. The health benefits are amazing when done to a set routine and yoga is also something you can do from the comfort of your own home. There are many DVDs of varying skill level that you can purchase, or just search YouTube. Pop it in when bubs is napping and away you go. Or let baby sit there and watch during their play time. You will be impressed with how your core strength can improve in a short space of time. 
  4. Body weight exercises  – This includes moves like sit ups, push ups, bicep curls, leg raises, squats or anything that can be done on a mat. Create yourself a little 20-minute routine and set time aside to do a session each day or every couple of days. It will help with your body conditioning as well as fitness. The best part, all you need is a mat and maybe some music to keep you in the groove.

The most important thing is setting some time aside for yourself so you can work on your fitness. Physical activity helps your mind becomes clearer, and your overall well-being improves. This has an added benefit to not only you but your whole family. As they say, a healthy mum is a happy mum.

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  1. This is so true. I find it so much easier to squeeze in a work out at home when the time is right then to schedule my kids around the workout. Thanks for the sharing

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